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December 15, 2012 / petrastridfeldt

Picture day 230 – Shot in Calais

© Petra Stridfeldt

© Petra Stridfeldt

Calais was the last stop before heading back to England last summer.  I had been riding the motorbike through France a whole day in heavy rain and was completely soaked. We decided to treat ourself to stay in a hotel to try to dry our cloths…. which did not really work : However, In the morning we were in a rush to catch the ferry to Dover  when I saw this wall and just felt I had to photograph it not really sure why that was so important but it was at that time more important than catching that ferry… And to be honest it not that much of a picture but it brings back memory and make me laugh 🙂





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  1. Luddy's Lens / Dec 15 2012 1:16 pm

    Hey, it’s an interesting wall, with the graffiti squiggle matching the barbed wire; I’d have photographed it, too!

    • petrastridfeldt / Dec 17 2012 1:11 pm

      Cheers, it’s good I’m not alone out there who likes walls 🙂

  2. enmanscamera / Dec 16 2012 12:19 am

    You wrote, “be honest it not that much of a picture”. Well Petra am gonna disagree with you….sorry, but I like it. There is a story in the making and my eye continually goes from interesting object to interesting object. And I wonder why all that stuff is part of the wall? or I could just quickly write that I like your image.

    • petrastridfeldt / Dec 17 2012 1:07 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I see things that I like to photograph (quite often acualy 😉 but I think other people might not like it so when I get comments like yours it makes my confidence grow, Cheers 🙂

      • enmanscamera / Dec 17 2012 5:35 pm

        Keep shooting and keep sharing Petra.

  3. genijale / Dec 16 2012 7:32 am

    I think you have an interesting shot here…for me its the contrast between the heart-like shapes formed by the barbed wire and the rather brutal appearance of the wall/windows/doors that makes the picture 🙂

    • petrastridfeldt / Dec 17 2012 1:10 pm

      Great that different people can see a various of things in a picture of a wall. I think it is only people who are looking and I mean looking at images can see these things. Thanks for your comments very much appreciated 🙂

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